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A Personalized Sacramento Charter School

Community Collaborative Charter School (CCCS) serves special populations which include a high percentage of students who are credit-deficient, fifth year seniors, pregnant and parenting teens, emancipated youth, and homeless youth. CCCS strives to create multiple pathways to meet the diverse needs of this unique student population.
CCCS is committed to providing access to high-quality education to students by emphasizing standards-based curriculum. Instructors and specialists provide instructional guidance and support, assist in identifying student instructional needs, and provide individualized educational plans.
Community Collaborative Charter School currently has 5 locations serving communities across the northern Sacramento area:
Each CCCS site has been designed to meet the unique needs of their respective communities. Community Collaborative Charter School is a fully accredited TK-12 program through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges since 2007 with their current accreditation lasting through the 2027-2028 school year.   
CCCS has a variety of successful labs, tutoring opportunities and small classes to support students to succeed within their independent study. The school was founded in the belief that all students can learn and achieve if the basic needs of students are being met. By facilitating access to district/social/community services and support, CCCS works with students and families to ensure that support systems are in place to meet the unique needs of at-risk-youth. To these ends, CCCS has partnered with organizations like the City of Sacramento, Counseling Center, WEAVE, Student Reach, and Serve Partnerships. By linking social service organizations and education, CCCS is able to serve students who have been disenfranchised from the traditional school system.
To learn more about these campuses, please take some time to explore their dedicated pages on our website.
Capturing Kids Hearts

Capturing Kids Hearts

CKH Heart logoCapturing Kids’ Hearts is a teaching and learning program and process.  Capturing Kids’ Hearts shows teachers how to create high-achieving centers of learning by strengthening students’ connectedness to others through enhancing healthy bonds with their teachers and establishing collaborative agreements of acceptable behavior.
CCCS has been selected as a Capturing Kids Hearts showcase school for the fifth year in a row.  
Capturing Kids Hearts logo
CCCS Success Story

CCCS Success Story

California School Dashboard

California School Dashboard

CA Dashboard logoThe California School Dashboard is a state run website that features easy to read reports on multiple measures of school success, including test scores, graduation rates, English learner progress, and attendance information. The dashboard is part of California’s school accountability system. These dashboards support student learning and inform the public as to the progress of all California schools and students.