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Independent Study Expectations

Manner, Time, Frequency: Students will meet weekly with their assigned teacher in order to review and submit assignments and review the student’s progress toward achieving the educational objectives for Independent Study. The parent and student shall be notified of the date, time, and place of meetings on the Assignment Sheet. The Assignment Sheet and Attendance Record shall be considered a component of the Independent Study Agreement. All students must spend a minimum one hour with their teacher and five hours in the lab. Additional hours will be assigned by the Independent Studies teacher.

Student Educational Objectives and Methods of Study: The student understands that they must make adequate and appropriate progress toward the attainment of the State Standards and that the course objectives will be consistent with the guidelines established in this handbook. A student’s progress can be found on Edgenuity student or family view, on student work samples, and on the front of the portfolio folder. Activities selected as the means to reach the objectives may include, but are not limited to: reading, research, essays, term papers, flash cards, illustrations, oral reports, demonstrations, participation, group or individual projects, lesson exercises, games, comprehension questions, computer programs, field trips, simulations, discussions, note-taking, videos, and other educational activities. Individual course objectives are consistent with and evaluated in a similar manner that they would be if he or she were enrolled in a traditional school program.
Methods of Evaluating Student Work may include, but are not limited to: Semester Portfolio, weekly review of assignments by a credentialed teacher, student demonstration, teacher observations, teacher evaluations, on-line or written tests, assignments, and quizzes