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Gateway Community Charters

Gateway Community Charters (GCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation that operates multiple schools under a Charter Management Organization (CMO) structure. Gateway Community Charters has been in operation since 2003 in a dynamic partnership with local communities, creating innovative public school choice options, through the charter school construct. GCC manages a complex budget of over $30 million dollars and has maintained well above the required 3% reserve for each of its charter schools as well as maintaining an additional reserve as needed for economic uncertainty, all while expanding enrollment.
Now in its 20th year of operation serving over 4,200 K-12 grade students within 6 separate charters, 5 of which are fully WASC accredited and one is in candidate status, all with unique missions and focus. GCC was honored to have been recently recognized at the National Charter School Conference as one of 15 nationally recognized charter management organizations by the Broad Foundation. In the 2011-12 school year all five GCC schools met the rigorous academic standards for renewal and were awarded the full five-year charter terms allowable. Two of GCC’s charter schools serve predominately underserved, vulnerable, and at risk youth; credit deficient, 5th year seniors, pregnant and parenting youth, adjudicated youth, homeless, etc. Additionally, two other GCC charter schools serve statistically significant numbers of newcomers to the United States and English Learners. All four of these schools also serve 70-89% free and reduced price lunch eligible youth.
Community Collaborative Charter operates under Gateway Community Charters.