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Greetings Students & Parents/Families,
Graduates on stepsI would like to thank you for making Community Collaborative Charter School your school of choice for the 2022-23 school year.
A new school year full of promise awaits you. You are fortunate to have a talented group of teachers, support staff, and administrators eager to assist you. Education is their calling, and these adults have purposely chosen to work with each student and their families. An outstanding staff is assembled to help guide each student through their personal educational journey; however, it is ultimately up to the student to take charge of their own education. This means students must strive for excellence in every academic endeavor, taking personal ownership in school safety, respecting others, and being true to themselves. Academic success is the primary objective, yet CCCS hopes students will consider what they can do beyond the walls of the school to enrich their education and help others in our community. I implore all students and families to take full advantage of the opportunities before you.
My favorite annual event is participating in our graduation ceremony. I have the honor of meeting graduates on the stage and celebrating in every graduate’s unique success story. The smiles and tears of joy I see are a reflection of challenges met and opportunities fulfilled. I look forward to shaking each graduate’s hand at graduation in the near future.
Best wishes and good luck this year,

Jon Campbell