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Students gathered around teacher reading bookOur primary goal is to ensure that each of our students meets or exceeds their gradelevel standards. If a student is far below grade level, our goal is to make significant improvement each school year to reach grade level standards as soon as possible. Monday through Thursday, students work toward these goals with their teachers. On Fridays, students work towards these goals independently at home under the supervision of their parents or guardians.
School Work: Monday - Thursday

School Work: Monday - Thursday

Integrated Thematic Instruction (Language Arts, History, Science)

All of our teachers are GLAD trained so students at each grade level receive integrated thematic instruction. This means that every classroom explores between six and nine different standards-based science OR history units. ELA Common Core and ELD standards are taught through our Next Generation science and history units. We are committed to differentiating curriculum, instruction, learning groups, and academic experiences to meet the diverse needs of our student body.
  • ELA
    • Wonders
    • McGraw Hill (TK-6)
    • Pearson Common Core (7-8)
  • Social Studies - History Alive! (TK-8)
  • Science - Science Alive! (TK-8)


Students are placed in math groups or classes based on ability. Math concepts build on each other, so it’s crucial to provide curriculum and intervention that meets students where they are in math ability. The decision to move students between groups throughout the school year is based on mastery of Common Core standards determined through formal and informal assessment.
  • Pearson enVision (TK-6)
  • Pearson Realize (7-8)


This year, we are launching a Response to Intervention (RTI) system and schedule for reading. During daily What I Need (WIN) Time, students who are reading significantly below grade level receive targeted reading intervention from a reading specialist.
  • SIPPS (K-8) - Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words

English Learners

All English Learners receive daily designated English Language Development (ELD) instruction
  • Wonders ELD (pull-out)
  • GLAD strategies (integrated)

Physical Education

The goal of our physical education program is to promote physically active and healthy lifestyles for our students. The Physical Education Framework for California Public Schools is kept at the core of our physical education lesson design and instruction. Students receive one, forty-five minute P.E. class each week and complete one, forty-five minute physical activity at home on Fridays as part of their independent study coursework.

After School Enrichment Program

We offer a variety of enrichment classes after school this year, including, but not limited to music, maker lab, sports, gardening and art. Enrichment classes begin after school at 3:15 and end at 4:00. If you are interested in signing up for enrichment classes, please be sure to complete the registration form that is sent home at the beginning of September.
Independent Study Work- Fridays and Homework

Independent Study Work- Fridays and Homework

Independent Study Packet

On Thursdays, each student will be sent home with a yellow independent study packet containing work that must be completed and returned by the following Thursday to earn Friday attendance. This packet will include a cover sheet detailing tasks and expectations for Independent Study work and worksheets and/or binder paper on which students will complete assignments. Students will also be expected to complete 90 minutes of personalized learning in reading and math on i-Ready and will be sent home with a school-issued Chromebook for this purpose, if necessary. Please carefully review and sign our Independent Study Contract at the end of this handbook.


Students will be assigned minimal homework Monday through Thursday. Every student will be expected to read and complete a reading log every night. In addition to reading nightly, students will be sent home with work that is not completed during school hours and work that prepares them for lessons being taught the next day.