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Student Expectations

CCCS students will show respect, make good decisions, and solve problems. This means students will also:Three students
  • Respect the rights and property of others
  • Not physically or verbally hurt others
  • Walk while inside buildings
  • Not play in the restrooms
  • Dispose of trash in the proper place and clean up after themselves

Playground Expectations

While playing on the playground, students will:
  • Play safely at all times
  • Finish snacks before playing
  • Stop playing and walk to their line when the bell sounds or whistle blows
  • Share playground equipment and return it to the proper place
  • Not leave the school grounds unless given permission to do so
  • Not bounce playground balls against the buildings
  • Stay within the designated play areas

Classroom Behavioral Interventions

Behavior management is essential to academic progress, so our teachers and staff at Community Collaborative Charter School work together to encourage productive behavior in a firm, fair, and consistent manner. When a student makes a deliberate choice to disobey an established rule, some or all of the following interventions may be used at the teacher’s discretion:
  • Conference with student
  • Student Study Team meeting (SST)
  • Circle Conference
  • Restorative Reflection
  • Classroom visitation by the parent
  • Phone call to parents/guardians
  • Time to reset
  • Temporary change of environment

When these interventions fail to bring about proper conduct, or a case in which a serious behavioral incident occurs, a violation notice will be sent home for the parents to review and sign. After multiple violations, a student will be referred to the principal for further action. This may result in one of the following:
  • In-school or after school detention
  • At-home suspension

Protecting Learning Time

Learning time is precious and every minute counts. Please leave the following items at home:
  • Toys are prohibited at school. Toys at school will be confiscated and will be returned to parents at the end of the school year.
  • Cell phones should be left at home. If students must bring a phone to school for safety, they will be required to give them to their teachers at the beginning of the day and retrieve them at the end of the day.

Dress for Success

Our dress code policy is put in place to ensure a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment. All clothing must be appropriate for school. Clothing must be safe, worn in the manner it was designed to be worn, and must not promote conflict among students. Clothing that displays emblems of any sort which the staff and other students may perceive to be obscene, vulgar, racially biased, gang-related or in any other way distracting is not allowed. Students will be sent home to change if dress code is not followed or parents must bring appropriate attire.

STAND UP to Hate and Bullying

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In order to create a safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students, we all agree to and sign our STAND UP pledge. We will STAND UP by:
  • Speaking out when we see or hear hate
  • Talking about how hate hurts our society
  • Advocating for other to help end hate
  • Never allow hate to go unchallenged
  • Denounce online hate and report it to an adult
  • Unite with people who are different from us and learn more about them
  • Protect each other by creating a welcoming community
Hate is…
  • being unkind to others because they are different from you.
Bullying is…
  • Intentional harm-doing
  • Happens repeatedly over time
  • Verbal: name calling, threatening and/or rumors
  • Emotional: making faces, isolating others, gestures
  • Unequal power (size, ability, popularity, money, clothing)
  • Physical: hitting, kicking, pushing, and hitting someone else to hurt someone
For more information on Bullying Prevention, or to report bullying behavior or incident, pleae visit our Stop Bullying page.
Student Expectations