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Academics & Learning Environment

CCCS is an independent study program offering Edgenuity online courses.  The North Highlands campus provides a small, safe, and personalized school environment where students thrive on the individual attention they receive.  All CCCS North Highlands students are provided with a Chromebook or other type of device so they can do their school work almost anywhere.
A typical week for a student at this campus includes a group Zoom meeting on Mondays, small group learning activities, individual teacher appointments, and one or more Career Technological Training or elective class.  Students may attend additional days for study time with teachers, peers, and paraeducators. This campus is home to three of our school’s five CTE programs:  Animal Science, Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide, and Web Development.
The CTE courses at this site provide students with opportunities for hands-on learning in our outstanding learning labs, and for internships after they have completed some of their classwork.  In the past internships have led to job offers for our students.  The Animal Science pathway begins with learning about various animals we keep as pets, and introduces veterinary care concepts.  The Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aid pathway teaches students to take care of seniors both in their own homes or in a facility.  Web Developments teaches students how to write codes and develop web pages. Other CTE pathways are under development.
School Culture
Our teachers and staff participate in Capturing Kids Hearts, a program which has been proven to improve educational outcomes and to build relational capacity with students.  Following CKH practices has helped the North Highlands Campus to develop a “relationship-driven campus culture” Community Collaborative Charter School is proud to be chosen as CKH Showcase school for our second year.
Our Emphasis on Goal Setting and Social Emotional Learning
CCCS North Highlands students enroll in high quality on-line classes through Edgenuity with in-person teacher and para-educator support available throughout the week.  Our campus focuses on teaching students planning and self-management/group cooperative skills.  Weekly group Zoom and on-campus interpersonal skills training include CKH and Move this World concepts and practices, which teach students methods for improving relationships with others. Weekly teacher meetings include students reviewing and reflecting on the previous week’s schedule, then proposing and discussing their plan for success in the weeks to come.