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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is the mission of CCCS and the Virtual Academy to provide high quality curriculum, instructional support, and community and social resources to families and students in our community. We do this by:
  • Implementing an innovative, data-driven, Common Core-aligned curriculum that is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual student,
  • Utilizing data and research-based strategies to inform, measure and monitor learning in order to identify and support with integrity the needs of all students from the most vulnerable to the highest achieving,
  • Engaging parents and guardians as integral participants in their students’ educational experiences,
  • Providing access to district/social/community services and support, as well as mentoring opportunities,
  • Building relational capacity between and amongst all school stakeholders,
  • Develop social intelligence amongst students for future success.
It is our belief that all students can learn and achieve if we first ensure that students’ basic needs are met. We do this by connecting community resources and student support systems which create multiple pathways to meet the divergent needs of our student populations


The vision of CCCS and the Virtual Academy is to establish a personalized setting, serving a full range of students, explicitly designed to cultivate their transition to successful post-secondary educational, vocational, and personal endeavors. CCCS and Virtual Academy students will graduate with a high school diploma and will have opportunities to gain skills that will prepare them for college, career, and citizenship.  CCCS and the Virtual Academy provides students with:
  • A high degree of personalization, mentoring, 21st Century skills, college and career readiness opportunities, and a standards-driven core curriculum;
  • A vibrant and flexible learning environment that provides equal access to a core curriculum for all students by adjusting instructional methodologies to address student learning styles, interests, modalities, and college and/or career goals;
  • The ability to participate in a variety of supportive core educational experiences, in addition to a variety of enrichment opportunities; including Academy of Creative Arts, CTE programs, Online/Blended learning program, Service Learning, Community Impact Academy, college trips, & field trips;
  • A partnership between students, parents, the community, and social services to provide students with support systems appropriate to their needs;
  • A supportive, nurturing environment grounded in Capturing Kids Hearts principles that focuses on the needs and affirms the worth of each student.


CCCS and the Virtual Academy provides a viable educational choice for parents and students interested in a personalized curriculum that emphasizes rigor, relationship and relevance. At CCCS all staff members serve as role models and mentors actively engaged in student education. The CCCS program educational goals include:
  • The teaching of character traits and basic life skills is evident and consistent.
  • Students are aware of what they are expected to learn, know what they have learned, and know what they still need to learn.
  • Students are encouraged to understand and appreciate their individual uniqueness and how their talents and abilities can be used to benefit themselves and others.
  • All staff members are seen as role models and will mentor CCCS and Virtual Academy students.
  • Parents/guardians are welcomed as active partners in the school and in their student’s academic success.
  • Community members may work with students individually and in small groups to provide mentoring and to teach students the skills and attitudes of successful employees and community members.
  • Through the charter school we create a structure and instructional methods to provide a learning environment, which enables students to become selfmotivated, confident, competent lifelong learners.
  • At the beginning of each school year, the CCCS and Virtual Academy staff analyzes assessment data for the purpose of identifying the academic needs of students and planning instruction to meet those needs. Programs or strategies that are not demonstrating success in improving student academic achievement are modified or replaced.
  • Academic goals are additionally set and revised in the Single School District Plan and LCAP and are routinely monitored through the School Site Council.
  • We believe that the cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic variety within our community is one of the strongest assets for individual and collective progress. We proactively seek out, listen to, and embrace the diverse voices and perspectives that make up our vibrant community. Differentiated instructional strategies are utilized to address the diverse needs of our students.