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Gateway Community Charters Virtual Academy provides students and families in the greater Sacramento region with an innovative option for students to learn and grow in a virtual instructional setting! The Virtual Academy offers the quality educational experience you’ve come to expect from GCC in a virtual learning environment  This educational alternative is tuition-free and enrollment is open to all students in grades TK-12. 
Gateway Community Charters Virtual Academy provides high quality curriculum, instructional support, and college and career preparation for students in our community.
  • Emphasizing standards-based curriculum
  • Providing parents and guardians with instructional guidance and support
  • Identifying student instructional needs and providing personalized educational plans
  • Assessing student learning style, modality and achievement
  • Providing access to career opportunities including internships and job shadowing

Contact the GCC Virtual Academy: 916-286-1915  

5112 Arnold Ave. Suite A. | McClellan, CA 95652-1075

*The GCC Virtual Academy is a Community Collaborative Charter School (CCCS) Program*
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Elementary students (grades TK-5) participating in the Virtual Academy will attend daily scheduled, live instruction across core content areas via Zoom. Elementary students will also receive video instruction and independent practice in each core content area.  Additional scheduled live small group instruction across various subjects, and structured social opportunities will be provided by GCC’s credentialed teachers. 


Middle and High School students (grades 6-12) will attend weekly meetings with their teacher and will also meet on Zoom in small groups for direct academic and social-emotional support. All students will have access to content area teachers to support them in their work.  Our high school students have the opportunity to apply for dual-enrollment at American River College (contingent on academic progress/standing).
Focus of the Virtual Academy

Focus of the Virtual Academy

It is the focus of the GCC Virtual Academy to nurture compassionate, lifelong learners by building strong teams between students, families, faculty, and community partners to empower every scholar to achieve their full potential. We will accomplish this by: Providing equitable solutions for all students to achieve their personal and academic goals; Engaging parents and guardians as integral participants in their students’ educational experiences; and, Focusing on the whole child.  
Recognizing that equity does not mean equality, VA works to align systems, accountability, supports and resources to achieve excellence for all students by providing high quality, rigorous instruction, curriculum and equitable opportunities and outcomes by ensuring academic engagement for all students.  
Virtual Instruction
The GCC Virtual Academy offers online learning opportunities through multiple platforms and applications. Independent study combined with online instruction and support is provided at the VA.   The non-classroom based instructional model requires students to attend all required classes/meetings each week. Additional assistance is provided, and may be mandated, through structured support in English, Math, and other content areas. Parent/guardian support is necessary and required in order for students to succeed in our virtual program.  
Online Curriculum
Designed for students of all abilities, VA’s online curricula offer courses through dynamic, multimedia, web-based learning platforms. The programs are data-rich and provide teachers with up-to-the-minute snapshots of student academic performance and growth. Students can access their coursework at any time. All digital curricula is Common Core aligned and A-G approved. Interactive tasks and assignments allow students to read, write, explore, create, practice, predict, and more in order to develop analytical and critical-thinking skills. A variety of formative and summative assessments test for mastery and provide immediate, actionable feedback for students and teachers. A full suite of interactive learning tools and scaffolds are also available, including read-aloud and text translation, closedcaptioning, video transcripts, e-notes, and a glossary of directed vocabulary terms to help all students access content, organize information, and complete assignments.