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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll my student in the GCC Virtual Academy (VA)?
The GCC virtual Academy has open enrollment year round. You can enroll your student in the VA at any time during the school year.  
Is there a physical location for the GCC Virtual Academy office?
Currently, the GCC Virtual Academy office is located at 5112 Arnold Avenue, McClellan, CA 95652. 
How do I contact the Virtual Academy if I have questions about the program?
Please call 916-286-1915 to reach the VA main office. 
Do we have to leave our current school to enroll in the GCC Virtual Academy?
You can complete a new student enrollment application prior to disenrolling your child from their current school. However, you must disenroll from your current school prior to officially starting school at the GCC Virtual Academy. 
Does my child need to be fully immunized to attend the Virtual Academy?
No, as a virtual program where students will not be together on campus, students are not required to be immunized in order to attend this program.  
Will students in the Virtual Academy get one-on-one appointments with teachers or meet in virtual classrooms in larger groups?
All students in the Virtual Academy will participate in a personalized blend of the following: one-on-one appointments, small group sessions, daily/weekly classes. The lengths of meetings, small groups, and classes will vary based on grade level. All students will have assigned work/online sessions every school day.
What curriculum will be used in the Virtual Academy?
The GCC Virtual Academy will provide all required standards-based curriculum to our students just like all other GCC schools. We will utilize a blend of SAVVAS, Edgenuity, and traditional GCC board approved curriculum, depending on the course and grade level.
Will there be a focus on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Virtual Academy? 
Yes, all grade levels will have SEL incorporated into their weekly learning. Some grades will have a specific SEL focused curriculum while others will have key SEL components built into weekly meetings and classes. Throughout GCC we use a program called Capturing Kids’ Hearts to build school culture, meet students' SEL needs, and encourage self-management.