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Graduation Requirements

A student must earn a minimum of 200 credits in courses approved by the GCC for high school credit in order to graduate. The grade point average (GPA) on all credits counted toward graduation shall not be less than 1.0 on a 4.0 scale. Courses offered by the GCC for high school credit usually award five (5) credits for each course completed each semester. 
The minimum of 200 credits for graduation from high school shall include: 
          English 40 Credeits
  Math 20 Credits
Integrated Math
10 Credits
    VAPA/Foreign Language 10 Credits
    Life Science 10 Credits
    Physical Science 10 Credits
    World History 10 Credits
    US History 10 Credits
    Economics 5 Credits
    Government 5 Credits
    Health 2.5 Credits
    Service Learning 2.5 Credits
    Practical Arts Credits
    Electives 40 Credits
    Physical Education 20 Credits
Special Conditions Regarding Graduation Requirements
  1. No more than 40 credits may be earned in any semester from any combination of courses without prior written permission by the campus principal or designee. a. A student may petition and may receive permission for a maximum of 50 credits to complete graduation requirements in the student’s graduating (final) semester. 
  2. The Superintendent or designee regularly will make available a list of specific courses approved by the GCC, which meet graduation requirements and a list of specific courses that may be taken for elective credit. 
  3. GCC Board Policy BP 14-17 Homeless and Foster Youth Graduation Requirements may be utilized in appropriate circumstances, allowing homeless and foster youth under certain extenuating circumstances to have an amended credit requirement.  
Participation in Graduation Activities
Students who have discipline or behavioral issues may be excluded from graduation.  
Progress Toward Graduation
Normal progress toward graduation is defined as maintaining a minimum Grade Point Average of 1.5 and accumulating a minimum of: 50 credits by the beginning of the sophomore year; 100 credits by the beginning of the junior year; 150 credits by the beginning of the senior year.  
Students shall complete a minimum of 25 credits per semester. The school administrator/counselor may prepare an intervention plan for students who do not achieve the number of required credits for adequate progress. 
High School Credits (Grades 9-12) – A student may earn up to a full five credits of a semester high school course based on mastery of all course requirements. Credits are a function of the amount of work and the breadth of study, not number of days, grades or assignments. Students typically earn 25 to 35 credits during a semester. Students must earn 25 credits per semester at VA in order to graduate in four years.  
Virtual  Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  VA offers courses for students interested in pursuing four-year colleges and universities as well as community colleges and career technical education trade schools. VA courses approved for A-G college admissions requirements have been submitted and approved through the University of California Office of the President (UCOP). A-G approved courses are accepted at all University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) institutions.  Transferability of credits between California high schools and out-of-state high schools is always determined by the admitting school on a case-by-case situation.